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Read travel & food bloggers, news websites and articles saying Betzavta is a must-do attraction in Israel - the best way to meet the locals in Tel-Aviv or a great way to taste the vibes of Jerusalem. If you're visiting Israel, we will be happy to host you as our guest and match you with the lovely people of Israel for a dinner that will lead to a long lasting friendship.

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What to do in Israel when you have seen all the touristy stuff, partied hard in Tel Aviv, done with all the fun things to do in Israel but still have a night spare? Betzavta is a new concept that brings locals and travelers together as you will get invited to a local home for a traditional Israeli dinner. More authentic than this it doesn’t get. If you are looking for unique things to do in Israel this is definitely one of them as this is not something you will find in your guidebook!

Betzavta: where Israelis invite you to their homes for dinner!

While traveling and visiting far-off exotic destinations, did you search for the non-touristy places, or just wish you could have an interesting conversation with a local? Did you ever fancy ending up in a small, authentic local restaurant and mixing it with local diners? Well in Tel Aviv it’s now very possible to do just that – with Betzavta!


Friday Night Dinner, or Shabbatt is an important part of Israeli culture. When you visit a country it’s not really the done thing to just invite yourself over for dinner, but you can still experience this Isreali tradition by booking an experience with Betzavta, a company that arranges authentic experiences for you to join a family for dinner. Betzavta means “together” in Hebrew and the companies mission is to bring travelers and locals together, creating true friendships through a unique dining experience.


Last, but certainly not least – one of my top highlights of Israel was dining with a local family, in their house (about 20-minutes from downtown Tel Aviv). This unique culinary experience is called Betzvata, and words can’t express how special this evening was to me! This friendly family opened up their home to us, spent hours in great conversation, and fed us the BEST home-cooked meal I ever could have imagined. They even told us it took them two days to prepare everything! If you’re planning a trip to Tel Aviv – you MUST look into Betzvata! I’m definitely planning on doing this again in a couple months when I get back to Israel ! 🙂

Shabbat Dinner Experience with Betzavta

My favorite meal of it all was definitely this cool experience with Betzavta. Their concept is brilliant. They bring travelers and locals together to create a unique Israeli dinner experience. We experienced it for Shabbat (Friday night) and we met a lovely family who hosted us for dinner.

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If you want to join Israelis for an authentic Friday night dinner (or any night of the week), then I can warmly recommend ‘Betzavta’. They bring together local Israeli hosts and tourists so they can enjoy each other’s company over dinner.

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Wenn du am Freitag (oder einem anderen Wochentag) gemeinsam mit Israelis zu Abend essen möchtest, kann ich dir „Betzavta“ ans Herz legen. Sie bringen Israelis und Touristen zusammen um miteinander zu essen und sich auszutauschen.

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Seriously, Israeli food is unbelieavable. One that really stuck out to me was our experience with Betzvata! It truly was a fantastic evening filled with excellent conversation with new friends, a delicious home-cooked Israeli meal, and a surprising amount of alcohol.

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Interacting with Israelis on the street won’t necessarily leave you with the best impression. But break bread with them in their own home, and you will get a whole new perspective. Meal-sharing services and experiences, such as Betzavta make it easy to get on the inside and create lasting friendships with Israelis.

Share a meal with the locals in Israel

Do you want to get to know the locals when you visit Israel? There’s no better way than to share a meal and conversation in someone’s home. A new option for arranging such an encounter online is the recently launched Betzavta.

Betzavta: scoprire Israele attraverso una cena in famiglia

Fare una vacanza vuol dire fare un’esperienza. Quando si fa un viaggio e non si ha molto tempo a disposizione si cerca di racchiudere più cose possibile da vedere per poter capire l’essenza di un nuovo paese. In Israele è nata una un’iniziativa per i viaggiatori, soprattutto per coloro che hanno voglia di percepire lo spirito di un paese, dando l’opportunità di incontrare i residenti locali di fronte ad una tavola. Questo progetto si chiama Betzavta.

Make Friends With A Local

Betzavta gets you to fill out a 1 min form online. Using that information they match you up with a like-minded Israeli who will host you for a night of delicious local food. This is a fantastic way to get to know the real Israel and to understand the country from those who live there. Plus you might make some new friends in the process!

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On my travels around the world I came across many Israeli’s and somehow it did never really click between them and me. They can come across direct, arrogant and rude, at least to me. Though my trip to Israel changed that perspective! I learned how though live in Israel can be and got to know their culture. If you live in Israel you have to fight for your right and is very much respected if you do too. I came across the nicest people and made friends for life. If you want to experience a dinner with a local family like on the picture below then have a look at

Want to soak in authentic Middle-eastern history, culture, modernity? Why not Israel?

I chanced upon Betzavta, a fantastic initiative that lets tourists connect with a local family over dinner. What I was looking forward to, however, was the Sabbath dinner planned later that evening with a lovely family. We arrived excited, yet a little nervous about what to expect. The next three hours were fascinating. We discussed culture, academics, cinema, careers, travel and cricket too. Add to it the fact that the food was exceptional. We could not have imagined a better start to the trip.


Terminamos ese día con una tradicional cena de Shabat o Friday Night Dinner. La familia Kremer nos abrió las puertas de su casa para poder disfrutar con ellos y sus amigos esta gran cena. La regla al sentarte es que no podías sentarte al lado de alguien que ya conocieras para poder convivir y conocer a los demás. Me sentí como en Navidad por toda la abundancia de platillos, la mesa larga llena de platillos y de caras sonrientes. Dafi, que cocinó todo el festín que disfrutamos, empezó a cocinar dos días antes. No se imaginan lo delicioso que estuvo la cena y todos los platillos nuevos que pudimos probar. Aquí pueden conocer a Dafi abajo (en la esquina izquierda). Si quieres disfrutar de una cena de este estilo lo pueden hacer fácilmente con Betzavta, ellos son una organización que junta a familias con turistas de todo el mundo para que puedan disfrutar de una experiencia tradicional como lo son las cenas de viernes, puedan conocer más de la cultura y además hacer amistad.

בצוותא - מיזם חברתי שמקרב בין תיירים לישראלים על ידי אוכל

רוצים להכיר ישראלים מקרוב? בואו לאכול: מיזם חברתי חושף תיירים לישראל האמיתית באמצעות ארוחות משותפות בבתים פרטיים בסכום סימלי. על המיזם החברתי בצוותא, חתומים ניב סער ואורי פרל, שני חברים שהכירו בימי השירות הצבאי בחיל המודיעין וכיום עוסקים בפיתוח מערכות בחברות הייטק. "רצינו ליצור משהו חדשני שיתרום להסברה הישראלית", מסביר סער, "ומכיוון ששנינו אוהבים לטייל בעולם ולהכיר אנשים חדשים, חשבנו על משהו שיכול לשלב היכרות בין אנשים ממדינות שונות והגענו למסקנה שאירוח ביתי בתוספת ארוחה - זאת הדרך הטובה ביותר לקירוב לבבות. הרי בסופו של דבר כשהולכים למסעדה בארץ זרה, אומנם זוכים לטעום את האוכל המקומי - אבל לא מכירים את האנשים שחיים שם כי אין שום דרך לפנות אליהם. הארוחות בבית הן הזדמנות ליצירת מפגשים".

הייתם אוכלים אצל מקומיים בחופשה הבאה בחו"ל?

רוב התיירים שמגיעים לכאן מניחים פתק בכותל, קונים מזכרות בשוק הכרמל, צפים בים המלח ולא מוותרים על פלאפל וחומוס. לכמה מהם יוצא להכיר מקומיים? כנראה שלא יותר מדי. על הצורך הזה בדיוק בא לענות בצוותא. בצוותא היא יוזמה פרטית של ניב סער ואורי פרל, ומטרתה היא לחבר בין תיירים בארץ הקודש לישראלים, ולקרב אותם לתרבות הישראלית. איך? בדרך האידיאלית - אוכל. התיירים שמשתתפים בפרויקט מתארחים בבית ישראלי לטובת ארוחת ערב משותפת, שבה הם נהנים מאוכל מקומי ומשיחה עם ישראלים.

Unique Israel Dining with Locals

Are you looking for a unique Israel dining experience? The folks at Betzavta came up with a brilliant idea. Travelers like you from all over the world can visit a real Israeli home and share conversation with your hosts over an authentic home-cooked meal.